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Aug. 9th, 2025


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Mar. 19th, 2016

[info]reduxmods character sheets

My characters at Redux... )
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Mar. 4th, 2015

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Feb. 28th, 2015

Mr Perfect - a Tiago Delgado fanmix

I'm in a fanmix-making mood again. Today we start with Felix Felicis' own Prince Charming (or, thanks to [info]fuckyeahbadgers, Mr Perfect).

Warning: Only three songs are in English, but trust me when I say the lyrics in most of these are absolutely fitting. They're also the sort of songs Tiago would play on his radio show - dedicated to a certain fairytale princess, perhaps?

She's a fairytale )

Jan. 5th, 2015

My RPG wish list

I probably should have made this before the holidays, but with the hecticness of the season I completely forgot. Ah well.

I'm writing this to ask a very special gift to my flist: new holds in the three games I'm in. If said holds are strongly connected to my characters, the gift is even more special, for obvious reasons.

Felix Felicis ([info]felixmods)
My cosy little PSL. It's set ten years in the past (in other words, 2005 has just began) and is a quiet place where you can move in characters you've enjoyed playing in the past and whose story you still wish to develop. Both canon and OC characters are welcome, from both Hogwarts and the other canon schools are welcome. Yes, that includes Mahoutokoro too, even if there's no character from that school yet.

  • Taken/Held page
  • Wanted list
  • School list
  • My characters
    My RP wishes. )

    Fourteen Shades ([info]ftshadesmods)
    A multi-era game. The premise is simple: people are transported to a village outside of time and space, where they're assigned a place to live and a job, and try to deal with the insanity of interacting with people like Hufflepuff or Grindelwald, or the unexpected random weirdness the magic of the place occasionally throws their way.

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  • Wanted list
  • My characters
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    The Year Above ([info]yearabovemod)
    This is probably the most ambitious project I was ever involved in. The idea is for people to play the Hogwarts class of 1997 for ten years, from their first year at Hogwarts to after the war, and see them develop and grow as time advances. It's still Year 1, so the kids are learning about the school and making friends, which is rather fun. Year 2, of course, will introduce the canon events, which I don't want to miss.

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    My RP wishes. )
  • Aug. 15th, 2014

    [info]yearabovemod character sheets

    My characters at The Year Above... )

    Jul. 4th, 2014

    THIS. )

    Jun. 4th, 2014

    [info]ftshadesmods character sheets

    My characters at Fourteen Shades... )

    May. 6th, 2014

    [info]felixmods character sheets

    My characters at Felix Felicis... )

    Apr. 17th, 2014

    When the perfect Miles/Tibbles song suddenly dawns on you, it's a sign that your brain...
    a) is awesome
    b) is weird
    c) needs a rest
    d) all of the above

    Apr. 13th, 2014

    Charming - a Gilderoy Lockhart fanmix

    I need a bit of a pick-me-up/cheer-me-up... and what's better than a mix dedicated to one of my favourite characters?

    I had already picked up most of the songs ages ago (for a fanmix meme at Fourteen Shades that never went through), but with another song suddenly popping into my head I figured it was better to update it and share it with the rest of you. Enjoy!

    Ain't he pretty? )

    Apr. 7th, 2014

    Muahahaha this is great!

    Doctor Who companions as Disney princesses.

    (Though poor Aurora, she didn't deserve that fate.)

    Keep scrolling down, by the way, for some extra awesomeness.

    Feb. 3rd, 2014

    Great news, everybody!

    If you go here, you'll be able to play the Doctor Who game Google had available on the show's 50th anniversary.

    Now, to find the old Pac Man game they had years ago... (ETA: Found it!)

    Jan. 2nd, 2014

    Bye-bye, [info]caged. I'm going to miss you. :(

    *starts plotting a future for Greg*
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    Dec. 29th, 2013

    Badger Love - a Jamie/Lucy fanmix

    So what do I do when I really need to catch up on my RP games? Why, I browse through YouTube making fanmixes, of course. *facepalm*

    Still, I rather like how this one turned out. Dedicated to [info]fuckyeahbadgers, it's the soundtrack to the adorable-yet-doomed love between Jamie Huggins, a pot-smoking ex-Wandless, and Lucy Yaxley, a Death Eater's daughter. I just feel like cuddling them - right before hitting them on the head and telling them (especially Jamie) to stop being idiots.


    Badger Love. )

    Dec. 20th, 2013

    Albatross - a Luna Lovegood fanmix

    Today at [info]caged, Luna was kidnapped and taken to Malfoy Manor. To celebrate it (if "celebrate" is the right word for the occasion), I've decided to make a fanmix. To listen to the songs, click on the little hearts, which will take you to YouTube.

    I also left a treat in this mix for the FTS folks, as one of the songs is my theme for Luna/Rolf. If you're familiar with my Rolf, I'm sure you'll immediately figure out which one it is. :D


    Dec. 13th, 2013

    In exactly one week, Luna will be captured by Death Eaters at [info]caged. I'm biting my nails with dread and anticipation here...
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    Dec. 5th, 2013

    TARDIS Tribute III

    Hello, again! It took me a little bit longer than I had hoped, but I finally have a new TARDIS Tribute for you - this time dedicated to my second favourite Doctor, Jon Pertwee.

    Patricia's TARDIS Tribute Part 3: The Third Doctor. )

    Dec. 3rd, 2013

    Jumping in on the bandwagon here...

    Give me any two characters from a game I've played in, past or present, and I will tell you how much I ship them on a scale of meh to OTP.

    I think they're all OTPs while I'm writing them, but let's see.

    Dec. 1st, 2013

    Pimping time

    [info]cagedmods had an activity post recently, which means we've got some characters open for holds: Wayne Hopkins (a hold has been made but is waiting to be switched to Daniel Summerby), Toby Lawson (sixth year Hufflepuff), Lance Wolverhampton (sixth year Slytherin - more specifically a Muggleborn with a forged family tree during The Year of the Carrows) and Millicent Bulstrode.

    The latter is of special interest for my Goyle because our previous Millicent had a crush on him and practically had to spell it out to hit while hitting him on the head with the information before he realized it - and even so, their only Hogsmeade weekend ended up being more of a friends thing than an actual date. We don't have to follow that plotline, though, and you can make your Millicent's backstory be completely different. Greg would appreciate it because he thinks this is too complicated and it's making his head hurt. :P

    Anyway, yes. [info]cagedmods, DH-era game. Go check it out.
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    Nov. 28th, 2013

    I've began reading Robert Galbraith's The Cuckoo's Calling. I'm sure everybody in my flist will know why...

    Nov. 24th, 2013

    TARDIS Tribute II


    (Okay, so it's past midnight over here now but bear with me.)

    It's fitting that, because of the recent downtime, the Second Doctor tribute ended up falling so close to the anniversary since he's my ultimate favourite of all Doctors (and also the favourite of many other people of good taste, such as Matt Smith).

    And why is he so awesome?, I hear you ask. After all, it's a well-known fact that, during his middle season (S5) most of his stories had fallen into a specific "base under siege" formula, not to mention there's so many episodes missing from the BBC archives. Well, the answer to this is quite easy, albeit multi-pointed:
    1) Because Pat Troughton is the best actor of all eleven twelve actors who have portrayed the Doctor (and I mean this with no disrespect, as almost all of them will be quick to say this themselves) and had the ability to rise to any poor material he might have occasionally have been landed with;
    2) Because even when the stories fell into a formula or had something written/produced in a poorly or unsatisfying way they never felt repetitive or tiresome (bubbles and balloons never felt to creepy);
    3) Because of the great chemistry Troughton had with his fellow regulars, especially Frazer Hines;
    4) Because the black and white filming was put into great use during this era, providing some stories with amazing atmosphere;
    5) Because he's Pat motherfucking Troughton. This alone should be enough of an answer.

    Anyway, let's take a look at our main protagonists, shall we?

    Patricia's TARDIS Tribute Part 2: The Second Doctor. )

    Nov. 17th, 2013


    Yes, you've read that right - this is entry one point five in our TARDIS Tribute. Before we move on to the Second Doctor, we have someone else we should mention: the AU Human Doctor.

    You see, in the early sixties Doctor Who was such a huge success, and the Daleks were so loved (and feared) by kids all over the UK, that Dalekmania was considered to be as strong as Beatlemania. The success was such that, in 1965, a movie remake of the first Dalek story was made: Dr Who and the Daleks. One year later, a sequel appeared, yet another remake that turned The Dalek Invasion of Earth into Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 AD.

    And, as it's true in all made-for-cinema remakes, the stories were heavily tampered. In order to see how much, just click on the cut.

    Patricia's TARDIS Tribute Part 1.5: The AU Doctor. )

    Nov. 16th, 2013

    TARDIS Tribute I

    Hello, everybody! As promised, here's the first of my tribute posts to the Classic series of Doctor Who. As I've mentioned in my earlier post, I'll just give you a small overview of the past Doctors and their companions - and why they were awesome.

    Today, we begin with the busiest era of all when it comes to the show's leading cast: the days of the First Doctor.

    So let's start at the very beginning (a very good place to start)...

    Patricia's TARDIS Tribute Part 1: The First Doctor. )

    Oct. 25th, 2013

    Nowadays I seem to be getting cool ideas while at work - where I can't really do anything about putting them into practice. *sighs*

    That said, here's the idea I had today:
    Since 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and since some maths have shown me that I've been a fan for some 15 years, I decided it could be an interesting idea to pay a little tribute to the show here in my CDJ. And since I started with the Classic era and a lot of my friends here are only familiar with New Who, this tribute will be in the shape of a guide of sorts - a (hopefully) non-spoilery introduction to each of the first eight Doctors and all their companions. It's going to revolve around my opinion of each of them rather than a factual description because let's face it, that's what the TARDIS Wiki is for, right?

    So brace yourselves because my little tribute to Doctor Who will begin soonish - once I have a little bit of sleep and catch up on my RPing, that is. Brace yourselves, because the First Doctor entry is going to be loooooong...

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