Mar. 10th, 2011

Things are a bit on the rough side for my Purg kids:

  • The other day, Parvati managed to scare both Cal and myself half to death. Hayley, I'm sure you'll be disappointed to know that your characters no longer haven exclusivity in making my chars' emotions take over me while I'm writing them - tears were shed, together with a bit of flailing. Luckily, Cal stubbornly stood his ground, but it was a close call.

  • I don't think I need to explain all the drama that's been going on with Declan, do I? That boy's life is like a teen soap opera. He only has himself to blame, of course, but still. The recent altercation between Cece and Molly, for example, is making him thoroughly conflicted - on the one hand, he agrees with Molly, but can't say it out loud; on the other, he wanted badly to defend Cece (even if he doesn't agree with everything she says she's his girlfriend and he wants to get out of the doghouse and be snogged again) but because she made him promise not to talk to Molly again (which he's still doing behind wards, the naughty boy) he's taking it literally and letting Cece fend for herself just so that he won't get into trouble again (oh dear); and on yet another hand, he wants to defend Molly now that Hugo is calling her a ho but he can't. And let's not even mention the fact that he's starting to wonder if he's made the right thing asking Cece to take him back. If this continues, he'll either have to turn to Yue (a new bottle of Firewhiskey will be dug out) or to Parvati for advice. The latter might be his option in the end, as he'll feel the need for both some female advice and the help of someone who is more skilled at Divination than he is, as his own readings are telling him nothing beyond "Beware of a fair-haired man," which he already bloody knows.

  • And Leah feels like her brain is failing her. She's still flailing over kissing Terry and not knowing if he liked it or not (Leah, dear, give it up!), and is now worried sick about Blair and how she might be feeling. The combination of those two factors is making her somewhat distracted, which had resulted in the potions incident yesterday. She has just woken up in the Hospital Wing after a long slumber and is worrying about the possibility of losing her wits.

  • Thankfully, I have Rolf at BeWell, who is my constant source of RP squee and joy. He and Luna have made some pudding and are about to stuff themselves with pie. It's just a matter of time before they wake up naked in a motel room, wondering what in Merlin's name happened. :P

    Feb. 27th, 2011

    Thank you, [info]bewell!
    It's been three years(!) since I last played Rolf, and I had completely forgotten how much fun it is to play the little puppy. It's also awesome to finally play him alongside a Luna, as they're more adorable not to mention madder than a box full of kittens. And they're not even together yet - imagine how it will be like once they become a couple!
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    Feb. 16th, 2011


    Attention, all RP players! [info]bewell has opened for business.

    I've mentioned this game in recent posts, but for those of you who have missed it, a little explanation: [info]bewell is a canon-compliant Harry Potter game set in 2011. The idea is to play the characters we know and love as adults (late 20s/early 30s), long after the war ended and the wizarding world is once again at peace (though, understandably, for some people the scars still haven't healed, and probably never will). I'll be playing 32-year-old Rolf Scamander ([info]kingofsocks), who at this point has already established himself as a naturalist but is yet to begin his relationship with Luna Lovegood.

    We already have a nice group of characters (including the future Mrs. Scamander, yay!), but there's still a lot more to choose from. Go here to see the available characters, and here for a detailed description of the most wanted characters (i.e., friends, relatives, spouses, exes, etc, etc). Regarding Rolf and his personal storyline, this means three characters:

  • Eddie Carmichael and Eloise Midgen. Eddie, Eloise and Rolf were a year ahead of Harry and co. back at Hogwarts (Eddie and Rolf in Ravenclaw, Eloise in whatever house whoever picks her wishes) and were just as inseparable as the Trio, calling themselves The Three Musketeers. Now that they're in their thirties they're still close and are sharing a flat in Diagon Alley with a baby kneazle called Marvin. The reason why Eddie and Eloise are still single (unless they're together, which could work) is open, but I like to think their domestic quarrels are similar to those of these three roomies (man, I love Callum Blue. Have I mentioned that before? I did? Well, never mind then. XD).

  • Rolf's ex. This could be any girl in the list, provided it wouldn’t be OOC for her to date a scruffy, slightly loony animal lover who sometimes likes to turn himself into a dog (half-Schnauzer, half-Beagle) and chase birds. They only dated for a few weeks, but it had been the first proper relationship Rolf was in since he broke up with Sally-Anne Perks while they were at school (she was eventually killed at the Battle of Hogwarts, by the way). It's all up to whoever decides to make their character his ex whether it was a friendly break-up or not.

  • Anyway, it's a really awesome game, with some truly awesome people playing. And I get to play a mad Ravenclaw again, which is always a plus. Go check it out now!
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