Apr. 6th, 2012

*points to icon* Now I can say I've seen it all. O_O

Jul. 9th, 2011

Damnit, Ashley. You've just made me cry again.

Apr. 10th, 2011

I've discovered this little site, and have been having some fun trying to figure out what the wands of my Purgatory characters (since I hadn't given it a thought until now) are made of. The results:

* Cal: Hawthorn with Unicorn Hair
* Declan: Alder with Dragon Heartstring
* Leah: Maple with Unicorn Hair

As for myself, my wand would have been made of aspen with unicorn hair. Unicorn hair seems to be a recurring theme here, doesn't it? With a notable exception, which I find unsurprising - I always figured Declan was the dragon heartstring type.

Oh, and I find it highly amusing that the keywords for Cal's wand are "chastity" (ha!), "love charms", "young beauty", "female sexuality" and "desire". :P Declan's are "strength", "courage", "family tradition", "keeper of house", "noble warrior" and "active defender", and Leah's are "old age", "agility in speech", "eloquence", "free from strong passions" (*snorts*) and "banishing evil spirits".

Alas, I didn't take note of mine, but I have a feeling "dreamweaving" might have been one of them. XD

Mar. 10th, 2011

Things are a bit on the rough side for my Purg kids:

  • The other day, Parvati managed to scare both Cal and myself half to death. Hayley, I'm sure you'll be disappointed to know that your characters no longer haven exclusivity in making my chars' emotions take over me while I'm writing them - tears were shed, together with a bit of flailing. Luckily, Cal stubbornly stood his ground, but it was a close call.

  • I don't think I need to explain all the drama that's been going on with Declan, do I? That boy's life is like a teen soap opera. He only has himself to blame, of course, but still. The recent altercation between Cece and Molly, for example, is making him thoroughly conflicted - on the one hand, he agrees with Molly, but can't say it out loud; on the other, he wanted badly to defend Cece (even if he doesn't agree with everything she says she's his girlfriend and he wants to get out of the doghouse and be snogged again) but because she made him promise not to talk to Molly again (which he's still doing behind wards, the naughty boy) he's taking it literally and letting Cece fend for herself just so that he won't get into trouble again (oh dear); and on yet another hand, he wants to defend Molly now that Hugo is calling her a ho but he can't. And let's not even mention the fact that he's starting to wonder if he's made the right thing asking Cece to take him back. If this continues, he'll either have to turn to Yue (a new bottle of Firewhiskey will be dug out) or to Parvati for advice. The latter might be his option in the end, as he'll feel the need for both some female advice and the help of someone who is more skilled at Divination than he is, as his own readings are telling him nothing beyond "Beware of a fair-haired man," which he already bloody knows.

  • And Leah feels like her brain is failing her. She's still flailing over kissing Terry and not knowing if he liked it or not (Leah, dear, give it up!), and is now worried sick about Blair and how she might be feeling. The combination of those two factors is making her somewhat distracted, which had resulted in the potions incident yesterday. She has just woken up in the Hospital Wing after a long slumber and is worrying about the possibility of losing her wits.

  • Thankfully, I have Rolf at BeWell, who is my constant source of RP squee and joy. He and Luna have made some pudding and are about to stuff themselves with pie. It's just a matter of time before they wake up naked in a motel room, wondering what in Merlin's name happened. :P

    Feb. 12th, 2011

    Because I'm a sheep I liked the idea, I'll be stealing taking a leaf out of Megtoo's book and write about the current state of my Purgatory characters. I'll be focusing more on their interactions with other characters while talking of their development, though, so expect long, bullet-pointed paragraphs.

    Warning: this is going to be LOOONG. )

    That said, there's some characters I'd really love to see people picking up in this game:
  • Nathan Boot: For the reasons stated above, and also because he's the only Quidditch captain left - plus Terry needs his brother.

  • Geoffrey Hopper: Again, for the reasons stated above.

  • Nicholas Saint: Declan's cousin (Declan is closer to him than to his own brother), Hufflepuff prefect, and IS member. You're not obliged to it, but it would be particularly funny to have Gregory Smith as his PB for the simple fact that he and Declan's PB are brothers in RL. He's here! WHOO!

  • Isobel Montgomery: Because Moira needs her baby sister, and because Leah wants her friend around.

  • Any fifth-year, really!

  • So please, head out to [info]thispurgatory (namely to this page) and pick someone. You know it makes sense.

    Jan. 20th, 2011

    Three notes.

    Rewatched the Half-Blood Prince movie for the first time in a long time. The scene where Cormac throws up on Snape's shoes is even funnier when there's a voice inside my brain sniggering. I think you know who that voice belongs to, right? ;)

    Still working on Leah's application. Drop me a comment if there's anything you think should be worked on differently or if you have any suggestion. I'm still pondering whether I should make her mother a Prewett or not - maybe I'll drop Mady a line about it, even though Leah and Ginny will not be immediate family (what will they be, really? Second cousins once removed? Third cousins? It's all a bit confusing...).

    Game-wise, things look bright in terms of Declan's close connections. His unattainable crush is looking a little less unattainable right now (I still won't make him jump in the lake in mid-November, Patty!), and if everything goes well his girlfriend and cousin will both join the game soon. Now all we need is for his ex-boyfriend BFF-turned-enemy to return to the game. YES, PEOPLE, WE NEED GEOFF HOOPER BACK IN THE GAME SO THAT HE CAN BREAK DECLAN'S HEART TO A TINY MILLION PIECES ON A REGULAR BASIS! Ahem. Oh, and Cal wants some more dormmates because he doesn't want to be left alone in his dorm with Nicholas. So please if you haven't joined [info]thispurgatory please do so. Pleeeeeease? I'll love you forever and make Cal take his clothes off just for you.
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    Jan. 15th, 2011

    Hogwarts needs a booth like this. Just sayin'.

    On a related note, hmm, cheese...

    Dec. 14th, 2010

    Patricia's Boys

    Because Hayley has told me that the thought of these boys is tormenting Molly, I decided to share with you my boys' pictures. All for you, Molly. :P
    As I said in my other post, my May 02 characters will not be present in this picspam - Su because I no longer have my folder of her (and because she's not a boy) and Henry because there's no pictures of him bound to torment Molly (and because Tommy Knight is still a kid).

    Anyway, 33 pictures, viewer discretion advised.

    Declan )

    Hamish, v. 1.0 )

    Hamish, v. 2.0 )

    Cal )

    Dec. 5th, 2010

    For those in my flist who have also joined [info]thispurgatory and are curious about Cal Eidelberg, here he is. It's still a WiP, as you can see, but I hope to have it ready by today. Any suggestion/criticism of what I did so far is welcome, as well as any mention of relationships you might think he and any of your characters should have (friends, exes, etc.).
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