Jan. 5th, 2015

My RPG wish list

I probably should have made this before the holidays, but with the hecticness of the season I completely forgot. Ah well.

I'm writing this to ask a very special gift to my flist: new holds in the three games I'm in. If said holds are strongly connected to my characters, the gift is even more special, for obvious reasons.

Felix Felicis ([info]felixmods)
My cosy little PSL. It's set ten years in the past (in other words, 2005 has just began) and is a quiet place where you can move in characters you've enjoyed playing in the past and whose story you still wish to develop. Both canon and OC characters are welcome, from both Hogwarts and the other canon schools are welcome. Yes, that includes Mahoutokoro too, even if there's no character from that school yet.

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    Fourteen Shades ([info]ftshadesmods)
    A multi-era game. The premise is simple: people are transported to a village outside of time and space, where they're assigned a place to live and a job, and try to deal with the insanity of interacting with people like Hufflepuff or Grindelwald, or the unexpected random weirdness the magic of the place occasionally throws their way.

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    The Year Above ([info]yearabovemod)
    This is probably the most ambitious project I was ever involved in. The idea is for people to play the Hogwarts class of 1997 for ten years, from their first year at Hogwarts to after the war, and see them develop and grow as time advances. It's still Year 1, so the kids are learning about the school and making friends, which is rather fun. Year 2, of course, will introduce the canon events, which I don't want to miss.

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  • Jun. 4th, 2014

    [info]ftshadesmods character sheets

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    Apr. 13th, 2014

    Charming - a Gilderoy Lockhart fanmix

    I need a bit of a pick-me-up/cheer-me-up... and what's better than a mix dedicated to one of my favourite characters?

    I had already picked up most of the songs ages ago (for a fanmix meme at Fourteen Shades that never went through), but with another song suddenly popping into my head I figured it was better to update it and share it with the rest of you. Enjoy!

    Ain't he pretty? )

    Sep. 17th, 2013

    I've got this urge to reread The Wind in the Willows, or at least rewatch the TV show, which I absolutely loved when I was little. I've no idea where this urge came from, though...

    Sep. 5th, 2013

    I'm currently reading Diana Wynne Jones' Enchanted Glass, one of her standalone stories (in other words, one that's completely unrelated to Howl, Chrestomanci or Dalemark). Imagine my surprise when, halfway through it, we meet a boy called Rolf, who can turn into a dog!

    Apr. 9th, 2013

    Reason #6739642753 why Joseph Mazzello is made of awesome.

    And now, thanks to FTS, I can't watch this without thinking of the kiss scene from Deathly Hallows. Yes, that's how my mind works.

    Apr. 3rd, 2013

    So, out of my characters Cormac, Hamish and Miles eventually become professional Quidditch players, all of them Keepers. Ron was also a Keeper at Hogwarts, and I nearly made Tiago a Keeper instead of Seeker. (ETA: And now I've remembered that, back in Feinted, Filipa was a reserve Keeper.)

    I clearly seem to have a Thing.