Nov. 1st, 2012

Here in Portugal we don't celebrate Halloween (well, in recent years people have started to organize fancy dress Halloween parties, but they're still seen as a curiosity imported from foreign lands) but instead celebrate All Saints' Day on the 1st of November. On this day, Portuguese children have the equivalent to trick or treat, which we call "bread for God", though, obviously, they get sweets rather than bread. The only difference between bread for God and trick or treat is that the former is done during the daytime and there's no costumes.

Anyway, this is just to say that the girls have spend the day out asking for bread for God with their friends, and came back with a tummy full of sweets (I foresee that they'll be celebrating Stomachache Day tomorrow) and a bar of chocolate for each of us. And eating crisped rice chocolate while watching Karen Gillan teaching Conan O'Brien how to swear (and order chips) in Scottish Gaelic is probably the best thing ever. :P

Oct. 27th, 2012

I changed my CDJ's layout. Initially I was just thinking of doing something Halloweenish for the season, but ended up going for a more Hufflepuff-ish theme. Well, something that will become Hufflepuff-ish once I replace the blueish-grey background, anyway.

IJ notifications are driving me nuts, especially when it comes to my mod duties. While I received some notifications for comments left on my CDJ and character journals more or less in time, it took some 15 hours between the time an application was submitted to [info]gobletmods and the time said submission reached my inbox, and 10 hours between a request for a re-hold and my getting the notification.

I'm still feeling a bit poorly, but I've been fighting it by drinking copious amounts of chocolate tea, reading Diana Wynne Jones and watching Doctor Who, and it seems to be doing the trick perfectly.